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A project by Valentina Iachetta , Erika Branca, Piera Raineri, Gloria Scalco, Massimiliano Arosio & Eugenia Tsori

Imagine a day when you get up and you are no longer in the European Union… What would you miss and which kind of feelings would you experience?

Even if sometimes we cannot see the added value that the European Union represents and we take it for granted, it is the result of the efforts made during the last century.

photo credit: Angela von Brill

We are trying to express these feelings in a short movie, creating a dystopian world formed by years of strong propaganda and campaigns against foreigners, the Eurozone and all the ideals supported by the European Union.

As young people, we have chosen to describe this reality through the eyes of a young man who is trying to face the challenges of his daily life.

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