Yay! We won something! ;)

Has it really already been two months since our crazy week of Lab Europe antics? In any case, here is one more update from Lab Media: Our film “Error 404 – EU Not Found” has been awarded a special price from the Jugend-Medien-Wettbewerb/Filmklappe 2018 during the award show at the Haus der Jugend last week. The participants of Lab Media were very happy that the jury recognised their film and addressed the audience and the jury with a small film that served both as a big “Thank you!” and as a short trip through the cities in Italy and Greece the participants came from.

Jugendmedienwettbewerb-2018 (6)

Valentina really put it best during the short film:

“Thank you for taking our movie into consideration! We are really proud of it because we did it in a really short time, and with an international team. So, again, vielen Dank und bis bald!”

So thanks again to the jury, and of course congratulations to all the other winners of Jugend-Medien-Wettbewerb 2018!

Oh, and in case you have not seen our short film “Error 404 – EU Not Found” yet, check it out now:


Best wishes from Lab Media! 🙂


Farewell Lab Europe!

It has been quite a week, and now all of our participants should hopefully be safely back home again. So this is goodbye, at least for now! Thanks again for a fantastic week and many great memories!

Before we go, one last update:

  • Both the game about Europe and the Eurovatar flipbook are now available online.
  • And, of course, our works will still be shown at Hase29 for a while yet, for you to check out from up close, if you’re in the area.

So this is it: Farewell from Lab Digital Media & Games! 🙂


DAY 7: Kulturnacht

Saturday was the big day: We finally got to show our work during Kulturnacht and share it with the people of Osnabrück and all the other participants from the Lab Europe project. After some final tweaks and adjustments and some – inevitable – last minute stress, this turned into a day filled with highlights, including- but not limited to –

  • a spontaneous Pasta Lunch at the Lab Digital Media, courtesy of Luca and his Italian angels
  • Max being given a book that basically contained the papercraft version of his “Eurovatar” project by a visitor at the gallery
  • lots of people coming to the gallery to enjoy our work
  • partying until the early hours of the morning at Hase29 — with a truly spectacular DJ performance! 😉

If, for some reason, you missed us during Kulturnacht, the exhibition with our work – and that of the Visual Arts Lab – will still be exhibited at Hase29 for the next two weeks, so what are you waiting for? 😉

GIFs of the Day:

Eurovatar teaser

Fading Message

DAY 6: Meet the Press…

Today was entirely given over to preparing our finished works for the exhibition at Hase29 in time for the press tour that took place this evening. So everyone was really busy making last-minute adjustments, painting furniture, carrying vintage televisions or buying the right cables to make the audio work — nearly everything is finished, though, and the presentation went really well. Also, absolutely fantastic work from the other Labs! Brilliant stuff there, guys!

So for today, we are finished and can afford a bit of partying — where? At the Lager’alle, of course 😉

If you want to come see our work, tomorrow is the chance: The exhibition will be open from 11am, so drop by Hase29 and take a look!

Here’s the GIF of the Day 😉


DAY 5: Crunch Time!

It’s our last day of working in the lab and everyone’s projects are coming alive. Our short film is in the last stages of editing, the video art installation and the quiz game are ready to go and claim their place at the Hase29 Gallery and our posters are ready to be hung there too. Everyone has been working pretty hard, trying to make use of our last full day in the lab and add the last touches to our projects. Basically, we’ve been moaning non-stop all day about things not working the way they should be. And test-playing. A lot of that too.

Today we also had a lot of visitors, including the social media team and the local press who took pictures, interviewed us and previewed all of the projects. We are – almost – ready to welcome you at Kultur Nacht in Saturday where we can proudly show you our work! So, see you there!

The DMG Team


Meanwhile, also at the Medienhaus, on top of all the crazy media related stuff: Luca has been preparing some wonderful, homemade pasta — YUMMY! 🙂

Oh, and lest we forget: Our GIF of the Day:

DAY 4: “The day after the shooting” based on “The day after tomorrow”

Today has been a sunny day, so we decided to stay all day at the computer, working and eating Chili Chips in order to make the air around us smell fresher. After we finished shooting yesterday, we focused on the editing of the video and on creating a question-based game. The topic of the question was (obviously) Europe, so we just discovered that the Swedish currency is the Krona and that Albania isn’t part of the European Union. But those are all spoilers, so we have to stop!

We also finished the poster for our short film, with the help of all the graphic designers that want to collaborate with us: basically nobody, we did it ourselves:


Impressions from Day 4:

And, at the request of our readers, another GIF of the Day:


You know what, seeing how there wasn’t a GIF of the Day yesterday: Here, have another one to make up for it:

Gif of the Day IV