Yay! We won something! ;)

Has it really already been two months since our crazy week of Lab Europe antics? In any case, here is one more update from Lab Media: Our film “Error 404 – EU Not Found” has been awarded a special price from the Jugend-Medien-Wettbewerb/Filmklappe 2018 during the award show at the Haus der Jugend last week. The participants of Lab Media were very happy that the jury recognised their film and addressed the audience and the jury with a small film that served both as a big “Thank you!” and as a short trip through the cities in Italy and Greece the participants came from.

Jugendmedienwettbewerb-2018 (6)

Valentina really put it best during the short film:

“Thank you for taking our movie into consideration! We are really proud of it because we did it in a really short time, and with an international team. So, again, vielen Dank und bis bald!”

So thanks again to the jury, and of course congratulations to all the other winners of Jugend-Medien-Wettbewerb 2018!

Oh, and in case you have not seen our short film “Error 404 – EU Not Found” yet, check it out now:


Best wishes from Lab Media! 🙂


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