DAY 5: Crunch Time!

It’s our last day of working in the lab and everyone’s projects are coming alive. Our short film is in the last stages of editing, the video art installation and the quiz game are ready to go and claim their place at the Hase29 Gallery and our posters are ready to be hung there too. Everyone has been working pretty hard, trying to make use of our last full day in the lab and add the last touches to our projects. Basically, we’ve been moaning non-stop all day about things not working the way they should be. And test-playing. A lot of that too.

Today we also had a lot of visitors, including the social media team and the local press who took pictures, interviewed us and previewed all of the projects. We are – almost – ready to welcome you at Kultur Nacht in Saturday where we can proudly show you our work! So, see you there!

The DMG Team


Meanwhile, also at the Medienhaus, on top of all the crazy media related stuff: Luca has been preparing some wonderful, homemade pasta — YUMMY! 🙂

Oh, and lest we forget: Our GIF of the Day:

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